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Become the best in class using six sigma plus. Your total quality 
management (tqm)
efforts can be focused to outpace the rest.

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The full benefit of Six Sigma Plus will not be realized without the active leadership of the Senior Management which include: 

  1. A well defined and clearly communicated strategy used in decision making.

  2. A focus on the paying customer. While internal services and processes may 
    improve efficiency and productivity, paying customers decide if you stay in 
    business or not

  3. A Six Sigma Champion able to access and communicate effectively 
    with senior managers for guidance and direction of black belts .

  4. Project leaders, experienced people trained in the Six Sigma Plus methodology 
    are needed to lead improvement efforts in the areas consistent with the 
    organizational strategy. 

  5. Project selection for Six Sigma Plus implementation may be the single most important indicator of success. Management must maintain 
    responsibility for the success of the project just as they would for any 
    other significant activity. 

  6. There should be a formal review of Six Sigma project by the management on a regular basis. Success, problems, issues, shared learning and of course results should be part of these reviews.

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