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Become the best in class using six sigma plus. Your total quality 
management (tqm)
efforts can be focused to outpace the rest.

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Our Proven Results Methodology Model shows that the Strategy is the foundation of all that occurs. Once the Strategic Plan and Business Plan are in place, the Implementation Plan must be put into action.
The Strategy Plan flows into what two action plans? 

(1)People Action Plans are the process and activities associated with finding, 
training, developing, and retaining people. Leadership and Positive Attitude 
are two of the most important activities found in the people 
(2)Systems Action Plans are all those processes that are in place, or should be 
in place, within the organization. Integral to processes is the concept of 
Improvement of these processes, which include collection and analysis of 
data to be converted into useful information and applied to the continuous 
improvement processes.

Both systems feed into the inverted triangle making up the organizations collective “Customer Focus” activities and plans to produce what? 
The organizations desired business results of developing “Loyal Customers.

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