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Studies show that 68% of customers quit using a businesses products and services because of poor “employee attitudes”. 

It should seem logical that every organization would have multiple programs, with measurements, to assure that “employee attitudes and behaviors” are as good as they can be. The employee attitudes in an organization can often be the one thing that dominates the success or failure of the business results. 

When the Employee Attitudes are good, they become a foundation for appropriate Employee Behaviors , Goal Accomplishments and Desired Business Results. 
Typically, a good attitude starts at the top of the organization and is reflected all the way down to the newest or lowest employee job function. 

It is difficult to build a successful organization on a poor foundation. 
Good Attitudes, that are modeled and demonstrated at the top management levels, are one of the critical parts of a good organizational foundation.

When the Employee Attitude is bad it tends to conflict and blot out everything else. Desired behaviors can often become obscured, goal achievement is likely forgotten and good results are difficult to find. 

Can you personally list your organizations “Employee Attitude and Behavioral” Strategies?

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