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Become the best in class using six sigma plus. Your total quality 
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Systems are integral to the organizational processes and should be coupled with the concept of Continuous Improvement. 

Systems define how things are done within the organization. Not all systems are formally developed and documented, indeed there can be considerable variation in how a specific system is used. 

Why should Continuous Improvement be focused on your people and systems processes? Effective improvement demands that you collect and analyze needed data and convert into useful information that provides you with needed information as to how you should effectively institute change to gain your desired business results.

An effective action plan will have elements of People and Systems included. Each successive improvement cycle will contain both People and Systems.
Strategy, People and Systems all affect the Internal Customer Satisfaction within your organization. 

This is important, because at those moments of truth, when there is no one to ask and the employee needs to take action, they will either help or hinder the achievement of your organizations desired Business Results.

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