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Cost control is a major concern for most companies.
Why should a multifaceted objective like cost control and reduction, involve every aspect and every employee within the organization?
If only top leadership is concerned about cost control, they will spend a large portion of time trying to police the activities of others. Management often attempts to place controls on everything imagined, just to be sure that the costs do not get out of stated alignment. 
Why do costs frequently continue to go up? 
Often we seem to have an ongoing emotional battle that people, both inside and outside our organization, are conspiring to run up the organizationís costs.
To accomplish cost control objectives, over a long period of time, we apply the interaction of three key areas; strategy, people and systems.
It is the interaction of these areas that allow the employees (internal customers) to know how to respond, in those moments of truth, when decisions that either decrease or increase your organizations costs.

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