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People can either be one of the highest cost centers or one of the highest generators of organizational results. The difference, frequently, is a case of the attitudes/behaviors of the people involved.

Why is it that strategy and people development can be in place and still we cannot get the desired cost control needed? This usually indicates we have systems problems. Systems issues cover the range from a lack of appropriate technology to improper utilization of the correct analysis tools.
Bigger than the issues of technology, are having our systems in place. Understanding how the work processes operate within our organization is fundamental to moving us towards our desired results. 
Unless you have designed the work processes and have effective monitoring in place, these processes can be adding cost in several basic ways. (See above slide)
Many processes are not designed and have never been documented in any fashion. 
It is not surprising that there is wide variability in the results that are produced using such a process?

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