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Is it true that Internal Customers will understand what is important in terms of goals and where the organization is headed, if they have a well developed strategy, that is communicated and lived by the leadership of the organization? With appropriate people development, attitudes and behaviors of the “worker bees” are tuned to the strategy of the organization. 
“Worker Bees” that do not agree with the strategy will likely self select to leave the organization. This is a benefit to both the individual and the organization. Only those who understand and support the strategy will make the kinds of decisions that are appropriate for long term business results.
Focused strategy and supportive people, require systems that allow them to do what needs to be done in the most cost effective manner. No matter the strategy, if six signatures and a requisition in triplicate are required to purchase a pencil…. there is not much opportunity to be cost effective.
When your strategy, people and systems action plans are working in harmony through the internal customers of your organization, it is difficult not to become more cost effective and thus successful in that arena.
Continued effort of being sure the strategy is correct, that people are developed and systems are performing as needed, is where to place your cost control efforts. 

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