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Six Sigma Plus Project elements of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control must be completed. 
Process capability or Sigma level, is a prime objectives of Measurement. Documenting the process is essential. Measurement, through out the entire process, provides proof that the project has realized improvement, reached its goal of less than 3.4ppm defect or has actually made things worse. 
The Analyze step objective is to understand the underlying cause of the issue or problem. Confirm the potential for the kind of gains anticipated.
Improve step involves developing possible solutions and then selecting the one with the most potential for implementation. Process changes are likely to cross functional and department boundaries. Process owners are vital to the success of the project as they are likely responsible for a Department, Function and/or a major process. 
Control is the step that improves the productivity of the organization. Often good things are discovered, implemented and then lost, only to be rediscovered at a later time. Documentation, education, training and on going monitoring are required. Project success should be shared with others. Report to management the essentials of the project and provide proof that the results were achieved. In some organization Accounting department must sign off that the gains claimed are real and did not shift an issue to some other location within the organization.

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