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Become the best in class using six sigma plus. Your total quality 
management (tqm)
efforts can be focused to outpace the rest.

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Provide (3) questions on the content of this module, different than the ones we have asked. Include the question and the answer. Limit each answer to a short paragraph or less. Please provide “Two line breaks” after your answer and before your next question.
Explain how this training will impact your personal or business life.
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Six Sigma Plus Module 1. Introduction.

Thank you for participating in this Six Sigma Plus Free Introductory Module. 
We hope you will join the many others who will begin their “Six Sigma Plus Black Belt Training and Certification” via our electronic distance learning process. 
Visit our web site often to see the latest on training releases. Please tell your friends to join you in our chat groups, tell them how to drop us a question on our discussion forum and how easy it is to sign up for our e-mailed newsletter.

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