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strategic planning is key for organizational alignment, SWOT analysis can be an important tool.

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strategic planning.

strategic planning is an essential management activity, SWOT analysis is a powerful technique.


Our strategic planning workshop covers.

Introduction to strategic planning.

Elements of the strategic plan.

External Assessment- Customer Surveys

Strengths Weakness Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

Competitive Analysis.

Trend Analysis.

Internal Appraisal.

Business Structure.

Resources for your strategic plan.

Strengths and Limitations.


The Business Plan.

Vision and Mission Statements as part of your strategic plan.

Critical Goal Categories in strategic planning.

Critical Success Factors.

Business Planning Goals.

Financial Budgeting.

The Market Place.

Sales Support.

The Sales Plan.

Review Process for strategic planning .


Linking six sigma projects to your strategic plan.

Moving your strategic plan through the organization.




This strategic planning workshop is typically several days interactive work for leadership of the organization.  Strategic planning is done away from the normal work environment so key people are focused on strategic planning.  Once initial strategic planning work is competed with  SWOT analysis  there is work for each team member to assure the strategic plan continues as a living force. As part of the strategic plan objectives, goals and plans are deployed through out the organization.



Pricing for strategic planning is dependent upon complexity and size. 




Other training.


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